January Course Dates

This is the list of courses being held at our training centre throughout January (full course descriptors can be accessed by clicking on the links):

CompEx Refresher Ex01 - Ex04 Course

4th - 5th January
8th - 9th January
15th - 16th January
22nd - 23rd January
29th - 30th January

CompEx Ex01 - Ex04 Course

8th - 12th January
15th - 19th January
22nd - 26th January
29th January - 2nd February

Ex Motor Repair & Overhaul

10th - 12th January

ATEX Directives & CE Marking Awareness

24th January

ATEX Directives & CE Marking Guidance

24th - 25th January

HV/LV Safe Working Practices Awareness

26th January

STCW High Voltage Training A-III/1 (Operational Level)

26th January

Electricity at Work Regulations (1989)

31st January

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